The Ashes series always promises to deliver some of the most fascinating and exciting games that test match cricket has to offer, and this year was no exception. Whilst being disappointed in not seeing as much play as I would have liked to over the last month, I can’t complain, since it has been a combination of the busy workload at Deep Sky Blue and the talents of the England side that have deprived me of the pleasure of watching as much cricket as I would have liked.

Despite not being able to follow the coverage ball by ball, what play I did see demonstrated how the England team has transformed from a lackluster bunch of individuals with little faith in their ability to win into a team playing with passion and belief. It seems clear to me (and a large chunk of the sporting press) that, under new management, the England cricket team has been given the freedom to express themselves. This freedom, combined with talented players, has created a climate where anything is possible, one victory leads to another and success has become a habit.

Now I could probably blog about cricket all day long, especially when England are winning, but this is the Deep Sky blog after all. So, I’ll get to my point: at Deep Sky Blue, we believe (like the England cricket team management!) that when you provide talented people with the freedom to innovate and challenge themselves, then exciting things start to happen. It’s almost a year since we launched, and one of the things I feel most proud of is the way we have realised our founding ambition of engendering a culture of innovation in all we do;- through encouraging our employees to experiment with new technology, building research time into our working week, investing in professional development (e.g. at the Hartree Foundation Big Data Labs) and making time to attend industry specialist conferences and networking events (e.g. Thoughtworks’ X-Conf).

The other founding principle we have delivered on was our aim to bring passionate and talented people into the company. We have built a fantastic team and have been able to give people the support and tools they require to develop their talents further. Through the contracts we have secured to date, we are providing our team with challenging and significant problems to solve, and as a result our teams are developing solutions that have real impact for our customers.

By sticking to our core principles at Deep Sky Blue, we have found that one successful innovative idea leads to another. Work on our Automated Cyber Response product is going from strength to strength and has been the catalyst for more innovative product development in the form of our Structured Semantic Logging solution (SemLog), a Big Data Insights platform which we are very excited about and is driving our need to grow the business further with more talented and passionate people.

If you think you could help us do this by bringing your talent and passion to Deep Sky Blue then please get in touch, we’d love to give you the freedom to do amazing things: