As we near the end of 2015 we have spent some time looking back at what we have achieved in our first year and, more importantly looking ahead to what we want to achieve for our customers in 2016.

Recapping on what has been a fantastic 2015 for DSB, I am proud to say that we have made a real difference for our customers and to the safety and security of the United Kingdom. Throughout the year we have delivered new capabilities in exciting areas both in terms of the technology and techniques we have adopted and the domain in which we have applied them.

At the heart of Deep Sky Blue is our people who, on countless occasions during 2015, have inspired and amazed me and our customers with what they have been able to achieve. We are now 25 people strong, offering a wide range of skills and expertise and all with one thing in common; a bright and enquiring mind combined with a passion for technology, innovation and delivery.

Looking ahead to the new year, with this strong customer base, an inspired and growing team and a network of industry partners, the possibilities for 2016 are looking very positive.

So, with such potential, how do we remain focused and aligned on our strategic goals whilst retaining our agility in the year to come? Our answer, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

If you’re new to OKRs then check out Google’s very helpful re:work site which gives a great overview and some pointers on how to get started, but if you’re interested as to why an agile and innovative tech company like Deep Sky Blue is adopting them then read on…..

There are a whole bunch of reasons why we chose to adopt OKRs, the main ones being:

  • Ambition – OKRs support the setting of ambitious, measurable goals which help inspire our people and the teams they work in and drives innovation.
  • Alignment – we are adopting OKRs throughout the company from individual goals through the company level goals with full alignment in between. This means everyone at Deep Sky Blue can see the contribution they are making to the overall company objectives and the impact they have on our success.
  • Awareness – everyone can see everyone’s OKRs. Full visibility is an essential part of breaking down barriers between teams and encouraging cross team working and knowledge sharing.

We have set ourselves some very ambitious goals for the first 90 days of 2016. Everyone at DSB is aware of them following our Xmas comms session and through our OKR tool and we are now looking forward to getting together in the first week of 2016 to agree team and individual OKRs for the first quarter, a key part of which will be aligning them to our company OKRs.

Included in all of this will be personal development OKRs for each and every one of our employees, making real our commitment to the growth and continuous development of our people.

Then the exciting work starts; or rather continues: Achieving our goals and making a difference for our customers.